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HighRoller Foamroller Black
HighRoller Foamroller BlackHighRoller Foamroller BlackHighRoller Foamroller BlackHighRoller Foamroller BlackHighRoller Foamroller BlackHighRoller Foamroller BlackHighRoller Foamroller Black

HighRoller Foamroller Black


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The main goals of the HighRoller® are to increase your mobility, increase your metabolism, prevent injuries, quicker recovery and flexibility of the muscles.

With the HighRoller®, all exercise positions are easy to learn and maintain so you can effectively roll your deep muscles into the most problematic areas. In addition, you can roll longer than with a normal foam roller. Why would you put pressure on your shoulders, neck and arms if this is not necessary? When the body reaches its natural positions during rolling, it will adhere to it muscle mass relaxes, making it more receptive to your training.

HighRoller® - 17 positions, roll high, low or angled.

The HighRoller® works on an axis and is non-weight bearing. This means you no longer need to use excess energy to maintain difficult exercise positions and you can roll those difficult and tighter areas for longer. There is no pressure on your shoulders, neck or arms causing the muscles to relax quicker and become more receptive.

We claim that the HighRoller® is the best product for personal muscle care. The HighRoller® is not only effective but it also makes the maintenance of your muscles fun through the exercises. In addition, we have something that the HighRoller® is suitable for almost everyone! Try the HighRoller® for yourself and you'll face it yourself.


2.8 kg
37x57x42 cm
1 Year