Who are we?

Helisports International grew out of Helisports' Fitness Centre. The knowledge gained from our gym forms the basis of our present concept where we put your wishes and health as our central focus. We think our service shouldn't stop after the product is sold, we want to give you some awareness!

Own delivery service

Six days a week our drivers deliver and provide service throughout the Benelux. This is always on appointment so you know when your order arives! We also deliver outside the Benelux at the lowest possible rates.If the unfortunate occassion occurs when something is wrong with your equipment, our technical service is equiped with a lot of spare parts so we can fix this as soon as possible. More information about Helisports Logistics.

Try out our equipment in one of our showrooms

We have 4 showrooms where you can try out our equipment before purchasing. In the showrooms we have experienced advisors who can help you find the best equipment. With their help you are sure to buy the right equipment and won't regret your purchase afterwards.

Our showrooms are located in Amsterdam, Druten and Etten-Leur.

High quality equipment

Because of our past experience with our fitness we can identify quality better then most other companies. All equipment is subjected to a strict quality inspection before being placed in our showrooms and website.

Delivery out of our own stock

Most of our products can be delivered world-wide out of our own stock, or can be taken home from one of our showrooms. Because we are the official importer of some of the branches within the Benelux we can sell these for the lowest price! In the Netherlands we can deliver most equipment for free within 48 hours.

In-house technical service

You will probably not get as much warranty somewhere else. Should there be a malfunction with your fitness equipment, it will be our own technical service that will come fix and it. We have a big stock of spare parts to solve your technical problems as fast as possible.