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BodyCraft Jones Platinum
BodyCraft Jones PlatinumBodyCraft Jones Platinum

BodyCraft Jones Platinum

BodyCraft, supplier of top-class fitness equipment, comes with the Jones Platinum for a new breakthrough. The Platinum is the latest generation of the famous Jones fitness products. Get the most out of your body, with the BodyCraft Jones Platinum you achieve the results you want in no time. You really have the same capabilities as a full-fledged gym, but you can train at your own pace without having to leave your home.

The BodyCraft Jones Platinum provides stretch training, training with your own weight, sport-specific training and strength training in an attractive and compact design.

BodyCraft Jones Platinum uses the patented 3D technology, this gives you the opportunity to really move in every direction. This gives you the feeling that you are training with a bar but with the safety of a Smith machine. The safety because outside the layered guides the bar also moves by 13 positions where you can hang the bar. So you can easily and quickly pick up the bar when you can no longer hold the weight. Each exercise, repetition and movement is done under full control and that's exactly why you book results so fast with the BodyCraft Jones Platinum.

What makes the BodyCraft Platinum so unique? The BodyCraft Platinum has an Active Balance Bar. The Active Balance Bar moves and should therefore be held balanced by you. Because you need to bring the bar in balance during the exercise itself you will also train the (smaller) muscles around the larger muscle groups. This makes the training even more intensive for the avid sportsman.

The quality of the BodyCraft is truly unmatched just as we are accustomed of the other equipment of this brand. You as a user will experience this directly in the form of unprecedented stability and a very smooth movement. All parts such as bearings and frame are also industrial-strength and suitable for professional use. This translates into confidence that the manufacturer has by providing a lifetime warranty on all parts for private use on this product.

However, if you find important for certain exercises to do the exercises of a regular Smith use you can choose to lock the Jones Platinum with a simple pop system. With this you change the Jones Platinum in a regular Smith machine in a snap. This can be important for explosive strength training or rehabilitation. However, the BodyCraft Jones Platinum is also great for squats and lunges. This is ideal because you are not attached to the vertical movement of a Smith machine. The Jones Platinum is also fitted with a chin-up section. So you can also perform pull-ups.

To make the BodyCraft Jones Platinum even more complete, you have the ability to provide a full body attachment to the device. The word says it all, an addition to train your whole body. Whether you want to train your chest muscles, back muscles, arm muscles, shoulder muscles or hip muscles it is all possible with the Full Body Attachment. In short, with this optional Full Body Attachment on the BodyCraft Jones Platinum you create the ideal total body trainer.


Jones Platinum
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