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Inspire M1 Homegym
Inspire M1 HomegymInspire M1 HomegymInspire M1 HomegymInspire M1 HomegymInspire M1 HomegymInspire M1 HomegymInspire M1 HomegymInspire M1 Homegym

Inspire M1 Homegym

The Inspire M1 is no ordinary homegym. The M1 is completely based on cable exercises that give you full freedom in your movements, better known as functional training. This compact homegym can be put in almost every corner, in which most other homegyms do not fit.

There are 6 independent pulleys (ratio 1:2) that give you the opportunity to perform iso-lateral training. This forces you to use both sides of your body with an equal effort, in order to carry out a certain movement. This will help you to establish an even development of the muscles and will improve your mobility and coordination.

The low pulleys are there to carry out shoulder presses, biceps curls and lateral raises, just to name a few. In combination with a bench you can train your quadriceps and hamstrings, by standing on the bench. You can also carry out chest presses from a lower level if you set the bench in a flat position.

The mid pulleys are mainly for chest exercises (e.g. flat, incline or decline). You can carry out the pectoral flys from every corner instead of a fixed arm press. Adjust the backrest of the bench for more support during seated rows.

The high pulley is perfect for lat pull downs, abdominal crunches, triceps push down, biceps and triceps exercises. If you cross the handles, you can train your shoulders (rear delt).

Unknown possibilities and a "Must Have" for at home or the gym!!!

Other advantages of the Inspire M1:
  • Frame: Heavy round steel tubing.
  • Powder coating: the electro static powder coating offers a durable and maintenance free equipment.
  • Bearings: Ball bearings support a smooth movement and maintain the apparatus.
  • Pulleys: Glass fiber reinforced nylon.
  • Completely adjustable bench for seated and lying chest exercises.
  • A forward- looking design; the M1 fits perfectly in every corner of the house.
  • Stable 5 point design with horizontally adjustable hind legs.
  • Standard delivered with 90kg training weight.

Inspire Fitness App

Unique, high quality, home exercise equipment application for home training.

Use this app in combination with your Inspire Fitness machine to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

What can you with this app?
  • You learn to know your Inspire Fitness machine better.
  • You can use ready-made training programs at various levels.
  • You can create your own training schedule and save them.
  • The various exercises are being demonstrated by video.
  • Track your complete workout progress in a personal log book.

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M1 Homegym
€ 1.999,-
Consumer Warranty
Frame/Welding: Lifetime
Parts: Lifetime
Warranty for businesses
1 Year
Included accessories
200.15 kg
187x109x213 cm
Number of stations
Number of weight stacks
Number of people simultaneously train
Number of possible exercises
Diameter pulleys
Beared pulleys
Exercise Poster included
Weight stack
90 kg
Protective cover weights
Backrest adjustable
Seat adjustable
Maximum weight
150 kg
Pop-pin system
Coated rollers