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Hastings Dual Grip Medicine Ball 4kg

Hastings Dual Grip Medicine Ball 4kg

The Hastings Dual Grip Medicine Ball has in comparison with the normal medicine ball handles for extra grip during the various training exercises. Due to the handles your joints are being spared and you can do exercises at which you can hold the medicine ball with one hand or two hands.

Medicine balls are an important training component for sport-specific strength training. Thus, the medicine ball is ideal for circuit training and plyometric training. Plyometric training is being improved a lot especially the power explosion. Personal trainers make use of the medicine ball in order to take their athletes to a higher level. Physiotherapists also make extensive use of the medicine ball to let people build back strength in their rehabilitation. The medicine balls also form an important part for people that do core & stability (stability training).

With the dual grip medicine balls you can really train every muscle group in your body. In many exercises you train more than one muscle group with.


4 kg
22 cm
1 Year