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BodyCraft F660 Leg Press
BodyCraft F660 Leg PressBodyCraft F660 Leg PressBodyCraft F660 Leg PressBodyCraft F660 Leg PressBodyCraft F660 Leg Press

BodyCraft F660 Leg Press

The BodyCraft F660 is the perfect Leg Press / Hack Squat Combo to strengthen and develop all the leg muscles in no time. The 50 mm weight plates are suitable for the BodyCraft F660 and the total load capacity of 500 kg will be more than enough for everyone. Ideal for Personal Training studios, hotels or for home fitness.


Leg Press/Hack Squat combination

Two very popular exercises, in one machine. The Leg Press is the most popular leg exercise for building muscle mass. The Hack Squat is an extremely tough and effective exercise for the quadriceps and glutes. The calf muscles can also be worked with the BodyCraft F660. The removable forefoot support guarantees a perfectly feasible calf raise. Converting of the device to make the various exercises possible is really a piece of cake. A handy pop-pin system takes care of this!


Commercial bearing system with solid conductors

The Bodycraft F660 has a bearing system. This system promotes the durability of the device and also ensures that the Leg Press runs nice and smoothly. The solid conductors are a very important part of this.


Adjustability options

Both the backrest and the footplate are adjustable in several positions. When looking at the Leg Press, the foot plate is adjustable in 6 positions. The backrest can be adjusted in 5 positions. The adjustable shoulder rests allow people of different lengths of this machine. These are adjustable in 8 positions.


High maximum loadable weight

Heavy solid frame and a large surface area ensure that the F660 Leg Press can hold a load of up to 500 kg. The sleeves must be loaded with Olympic (50 mm) discs.

The various exercises:
Leg press
Feet high leg press
Squat thrusts
Partial squats
Donkey squats
Angled hack squats
Plie hack squats
Hack machine shrugs
Hack lunges
Donkey calf raise
Standing calf raise
Seated calf extensions
Reverse calf raise
Key features
  • Suitable for commercial use and home use
  • Popular combination: Hack Squat & Leg Press
  • Maximum load capacity up to 500 kg
  • Commercial system with bearings by means of solid conductors
  • To be used with Olympic sizes (50 mm)
  • Versatilely adjustable
  • Durable cushions


F660 Leg Press
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Consumer Warranty
Parts: Lifetime
Warranty for businesses
1 Year
170.8 kg
205x96x160 cm
Maximum weight
500 kg