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PowerMark 470HR Power Rack
PowerMark 470HR Power RackPowerMark 470HR Power RackPowerMark 470HR Power RackPowerMark 470HR Power RackPowerMark 470HR Power RackPowerMark 470HR Power RackPowerMark 470HR Power RackPowerMark 470HR Power Rack

PowerMark 470HR Power Rack

The PowerMark 470HR has all for an ambitious weight training. Gets the most out of your training, push your limits and feel the room to excel.

Together with a barbell and weight discs you can do a lot in strength sport. Training with free weights is most effective when the user feels safe to squish out a few more repetitions. The PowerMark 470HR is your training partner and wont let you down.

If you want to maintain your muscle fitness or build up strength and muscle mass, with the PowerMark 470HR this is all possible.

Some exercises that you can do with the PowerMark 470HR:
  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Calf raises
  • Upright rows

To create more training freedom you can use a lose barbell bench with the PowerMark 470HR to do bench presses.

If you are doing strength training at home this has to be safe. A decent quality and stability is very desirable, the PowerMark 470HR complies with both requirements. The extremely stable and strong steel frame of 70 kg ensures that the powerrack can handle the heavier loads.

Key features
  • Suitable for all types of barbell exercises
  • From Shoulder Shrugs to Squats, or chest and shoulder press (with optional bench), an excellent choice for any home gym
  • Comes complete with chin bar, spotter bars, adjustable bar hooks and Olympic plate holders
  • Chin up / Pull-up station - various grip possibilities
  • Removable spotter bars and bar hooks - individually adjustable in 18 heights
  • 8 Possibilities to store your barbell weight discs
teun mulder

Jeroen van Eck trains with the PowerMark 470HR Power Rack

I'm Jeroen van Eck, 23 years old and a professional mountain biker. In 2015, I became Dutch and European champion in the profs. I focus on the most explosive and spectacular part of mountain bike sports.

In order to further develop myself, there was still a gain in the field of strength training. The travelling time to the gym, the waiting for others and the lack of specific training in combination with the bike, I decided to take matters in my own hand.

As a base, I have the Kroon floor tile pro 20mm black. Much of my exercises consist of core stability.

A strong core has a benefit and is good for my leg power. In addition, I have to stay fit and injury free. For that, I use the PowerMark 470HR Power Rack in combination with the PowerMark 430C Bench to perform my leg exercises (squats, lunges etc.) and arm exercises (pull ups, incline press etc.).

Finally, explosive strength is very important. In order to dynamically execute and promote coordination, I use the Pivot Fitness PM178 Wooden Plyo Box to do my box jumps.

From the very first moment I came into contact with Helisports, it was positive instantly. They would like to contribute to my development and my sporting ambitions. In my opinion, the end result has become very cool!

Note: The PowerMark 470HR can be used in combination with an Olympic barbell of 180cm or 220cm.


470HR Power Rack
€ 350,- € 291,38
Consumer Warranty
1 Year
Warranty for businesses
1 Year
67 kg
131x161x215 cm
Maximum weight
360 kg