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First Degree
First Degree Apollo Plus AR Rowing Machine
First Degree Apollo Plus AR Rowing MachineFirst Degree Apollo Plus AR Rowing Machine

First Degree Apollo Plus AR Rowing Machine

The First Degree Fitness Apollo Hybrid Rower AR Plus is a very special rowing machine. This rowing machine is made of ash wood and painted by hand. Ash wood is known for its toughness and strength. The First Degree Fitness Apollo Hybrid Rower AR Plus is pretty much completely maintenance free and designed to be easy to assemble and move. The Apollo can be folded after use and has transport wheels for easy storage.

Water resistance of the Fitness Apollo Hybrid Rowing machine

The Apollo is great for people who want to train like professionals. By means of the water resistance system you almost get the feeling that you are really rowing in the water. A water-resistant rowing machine works as follows: a water-filled one drum in which a blade has been placed, provides the resistance in this system. The more water in the drum and the harder you pull, the more resistance you will experience. So a rowing machine with water resistance is the best simulation of real rowing outside on the water.

This 'Plus' model gives you more than the standard First Degree Rowing Trainers. Enjoy 15% higher maximum resistance and resistance changer with 4 levels. The adjustment valve of the resistance changer gives you a fast and smooth transition. The paddle in the water tank has also been improved. Both the shaft and the bearings are hardened.

AR Plus Rowing machine material

The quality of this rowing machine is excellent. The combination of strong ash wood and iron makes it a solid whole. Also the iron rail provides rigidity and smooth movements. This rail is extra reinforced and has three rollers on each side around the seat to run smoothly back and forth. To keep your feet in the right place, there are straps on the foot plate.


The digital screen makes it even easier to pursue your fitness goals. It shows time, distance, 500m meantime, beats per minute, calories per hour, watts, interval training. It is also possible to see your heart rate by means of an optional chest strap. A simple USB connection is also available, so your data is not lost.


First Degree
Apollo Plus AR Rowing Machine
€ 1.399,-
Consumer Warranty
Frame: 5 Years
Parts: 1 Year
Tank: 5 Years
Warranty for businesses
1 Year
Chest strap included
Included accessories
32.7 kg
197.5x53x51 cm
Dimensions folded
51x53x197.50 cm
Intense home use
Resistance system
Double bearings
Type of bearings
Number of training levels
Maximum weight
140 kg
Heart frequency measurement
chest belt
Maintenance free
Power supply
Adjust resistance
Footrest adjustable
Water/Drinking bottle holder
Transport wheels
Drinking bottle included
Levelling adjustable
Vent cooling
Number of displays
Type of display
Number of preset programs
Number of user programs
Number of HRC programs
Number of wattage programs
Program freely adjustable
Graph display
Display wattage
Display speed
Display distance
Display calorie consumption
Display elapsed time
Display heart frequency
Display SPM
Display scan feature
Recovery test
Heart rate control
Target heart rate
User settings
Body fat measurement
BMI Index