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Fitness Mad
Fitness Mad Mega Bar Grips
Fitness Mad Mega Bar GripsFitness Mad Mega Bar GripsFitness Mad Mega Bar Grips

Fitness Mad Mega Bar Grips

Let the Fitness Mad Mega Grips set transform your workout! Simply place the bar grips around dumbbells, barbells or cable attachments and by doing so, increase the diameter of your grip which has been proven to increase muscle activation. Small and transportable, only 9.8 cm long and 4.7 cm diameter per bar grip, they easily fit in your gym bag. They stay in place and do not condense during your workout.

Product details:
  • Increase the diameter of your grip.
  • Helps to improve grip strength and build muscle.
  • Made from ultra durable silicone; stays in place and does not condense.
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 4.7 cm


Fitness Mad
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